When president Cyril Ramaphosa announced that South Africans would be heading into a national lockdown from 27 March to 16 April, many fitness fanatics were especially upset that they wouldn’t be able to head out for their usual run or workout sessions.

While the coronavirus crisis could certainly have an effect on your normal training schedule, it definitely doesn’t have to. Since the lockdown came into effect, many people have been posting the innovative ways they stay fit on social media.

That is why The Social Media Company, in association with brand ambassadors of Tifosi Sports and Run/Walk For Life and a number of other health and fitness experts have decided to create a platform where you can find practical ways to keep your fitness in check without having to leave your home.

The stay in | work out group on Facebook is already gaining traction among fitness enthusiasts. On the page, health, fitness and nutrition experts pool their efforts and share their expertise – totally free of charge.

Some of the professionals who are offering advice on stay in | work out include:

– Professional athletes and ambassadors from Tifosi Sports
Run/Walk For Life ambassadors
– Selected Run/Walk For Life branch managers
– Personal trainer, Clarissa Grobbelaar
– Physiotherapist Kim Grosset
– Dieticians from eatForLife
– Dietician Tracy Sparrow

If you are already getting antsy and are looking to mix up your training regime with tips from professional athletes, or have run out of ideas for nutritious meals that will keep your body in mint condition, this is the group for you!

It is always important to stay fit and active – perhaps especially during periods of isolation. While the lockdown is frustrating and disheartening to everyone that has to abide to the rules (which is all of us, as the lockdown is essential to flattening the curve and protecting the citizens of our country) there simply isn’t a better way to get rid of all your pent-up energy than working out.

Now is the time to take advantage of all the feel-good hormones that are released when we’re active. Are you wondering how to maintain your diet and exercise routine while self-isolating? Ask the professionals in the comments! Maintain control of your fitness regime with a like-minded community that understands the importance of good health, particularly in a time of crisis.

If you are a professional in the health and fitness industry who is also self-isolating, unable to work, and in search of an additional platform to reach your audience, feel free to join stay in | work out and share your workout tips with the local fitness community.

Even if it’s difficult to imagine now, the coronavirus pandemic will ultimately subside. Your health and fitness goals don’t have to be put on hold until then, though. Work out and prepare to make your mark as you stay in for the greater good.